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Chris Morris, reliably fearless and brilliant, has made a satirical black comedy about Islamic suicide bombers, crucially targeting his sacrilegious energy not at all at the tenets of Islam – what could be more tiresome or irrelevant? – but simply at the activity of suicide bombing itself. It is not treated with the cowed, shocked respect habitually to be found in drama or on the news, but rather cheerful scorn. read more in the Guardian


Four Lions - Unofficial

Four Lions takes real Nerve to poke fun at terrorists, sheer idiots or not, especially when their intended target is a place like London, where terror has reared its head so often and did so to devastating effect less than five years ago.

So for this, Chris Morris must be praised as he tries to shed some light on an aspect of terror – the farcical cock-ups – that has slipped through the wall-to-wall media coverage of the past decade. But the switching back and forth from jihadi thriller to farce suggests the film doesn't really know what it wants to be.

What emerges most completely though is a blokey movie about confused men who would struggle to organise a barbecue in their own back garden.

For a complete understanding of the way the film can be viewed, try taking an analytic view.

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