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Chris Morris, reliably fearless and brilliant, has made a satirical black comedy about Islamic suicide bombers, crucially targeting his sacrilegious energy not at all at the tenets of Islam – what could be more tiresome or irrelevant? – but simply at the activity of suicide bombing itself. It is not treated with the cowed, shocked respect habitually to be found in drama or on the news, but rather cheerful scorn. read more in the Guardian


Director of Four Lions - Chris Morris

The son of two Cambridgeshire doctors, Chris Morris went to Stonyhurst College, alma mater of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and took a degree in zoology at Bristol University.

He joined local radio d, but he was soon fired from one station after providing his own commentaries during news bulletins. He joined the BBC's London station, GLR, but was sacked once again after broadcasting "Kiddie's Outing", in which a child would "out" a celebrity as homosexual.

Next came On The Hour on Radio 4, written with Armando Iannucci and featuring, for the first time, the voice of Radio Norwich, Alan Partridge.

The series transferred to television as The Day Today but, to Morris's credit, with completely new material. With its absurd, seemingly endless, graphic sequences and headlines like "sacked chimney-sweep pumps boss full of mayonnaise", the programme built up a cult following and Morris, who starred as a Paxmanesque anchorman, won the 1994 British Comedy Award for Best Newcomer.



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